Sheri Morris Sheri Morris has been a licensed, therapeutic massage therapist for over 20 years.  Sheri began her career as an American Certified Foot Reflexologist in 1995 and completed her initial studies in massage at Ashland Institute of Massage in 1997. Sheri worked independently for 9 years at The HeadQuarters Day Spa honing and expanding her skills in deep tissue massage, foot reflexology, PNF (proprio neuromuscular facilitation), and chronic pain. In 2005 she continued her education, graduating from the Collison School of Massage in Colorado Springs, Colorado with an additional certification in Hot Stone Massage.  Upon further study in Arizona and Oregon Sheri added cold stone and vibration with stones to this light and deep touch therapeutic approach. Sheri’s wide ranging knowledge and use of these many therapeutic modalities has set her apart as not only a practitioner but teacher as well. Continuing Education classes are currently being offered by Sheri for those who wish to learn Hot and Cold Stone Therapy. Other modalities that Sheri uses includes Ashiatsu, Active Cupping, and Aromatherapy.

Sheri has a passion for seeking out chronic pain areas and trying to find the culprit whether it be nerve patterning, muscle congestion, tension, or constriction. Over the years Sheri has learned many different therapeutic approaches and likes to implement them into her massage as necessary. She believes everyone may need a different therapy because as the body responds so should the therapy. She will probably send you home with homework from time to time because as your therapist she wants to work with you so that you feel better. As the co-owner and operator of River Stone Massage and Wellness Center in Grants Pass, Oregon, Sheri welcomes you!

Kelsey Reinhart Kelsey Reinhart was born and raised right here in the beautiful Rogue Valley. Having an interest in the body she found herself at Rogue Community College taking anatomy. After moving away and changing course she ended up right where she belongs five years later. Back at Rogue Community College exploring an interest that had never left the back of her mind. She entered the massage program and never looked back. She was then enlighted to a therapeutic and holistic approach to the body that made sense to her.  Graduating massage school in 2007 was the beginning of a now 11 year career in massage therapy. Opening her own practice as well as working in a chiropractic office was not only excellent experience, but also enabled her to figure out where her passions and strengths were within massage.  Chronic pain, injury, rehabilitation, pain management, deep tissue, trigger point, and people getting better were all things she knew would be a part of her practice for a long time. The past 11 years has proved that to be 100% correct..

Adding to her education yearly has enabled her to continue to assist people through all kinds of journeys with their bodies.

Some of those journeys include:

Training and reflexology, hot and cold stone massage, cupping, pelvic stabilization, myofascial, joint mobilization and movement, and postural corrections have allowed her to have many different approaches to the body for all the different types of pain. Every patient and situation has taught her so much. So far some of the most valuable lessons of appreciation, compassion, humbleness, and gratefulness have been taught to her by the body through these experiences. She looks forward to continued amazement in the bodies ability to heal.

Armando Garcia Armando has over 25 years of experience working with the human form. He completed the massage therapy program at Rogue Community College in 2012 to increase his scope of practice. 

Armando worked full time as a personal trainer for 20 years specializing in postural restoration, alignment and movement education. He was co-owner of Regeneration-Pilates and Progressive Exercise Center for 11.5 years. He worked at Cascade Physical Therapy for 5 years as a massage therapist, physical therapy aide and movement educator. He also worked at Thorsen Chiropractic for 3.5 years as a chiropractic assistant, massage therapist and rehabilitation/therapeutic exercise specialist.

Armando specializes in therapeutic massage of both acute and chronic pain utilizing Swedish, deep tissue, Ashiatsu, hot stone and cupping massage. As our bodies are structurally unbalanced pain, posture, activities, work stations and old injuries can amplify these asymmetries. Armando seeks to reduce these asymmetries as much as possible via massage and client education on activities of daily living which may be contributing to their symptoms; How we stand, sit, squat, bend, walk, sleep and breath all matter! Sometimes the smallest modifications can make all the difference. Armando seeks to assist his clients in achieving their goals. From a relaxation massage to deep tissue/pressure, Armando is honored to work with you. 

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Linda B. Johnson Linda has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2008. She has actually been doing massage most of her life. As a kid, when her family would get together and play pinochle, she would go around and work on their shoulders. After she got a little older she would give massages to her family when they had pain or tightness in their muscles. She would have them lie on the floor (dressed) and focus on those affected areas. Instinctively she knew to work where there was soft tissue (not on bones).

When she was working as an Administrative Assistant to the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics she realized she had never been able to say that she enjoyed or loved her job. She decided to quit, rent a room, and go back to school.

She graduated with Honors from Ashmead College in Vancouver, WA, in June 2008. Initially she worked in a Chiropractic office. After a year or so she decided to see her clients in her home where she set up a treatment room. She continued there until she moved to Grants Pass in August 2017. She has had her practice at her home and decided she would like to be part of the River Stone team.

She utilizes Swedish, Deep Tissue, Muscle Spindle Cell Release, to name a few modalities. She enjoys treatment because it gives her great satisfaction to aid in a person’s healing and overall well-being. She does give “homework” as she believes she and her clients are in a partnership, which results in better, more complete results in a shorter period of time – win-win!


Haley Berry Haley grew up on the Redwood Coast in Crescent City, CA. When she came to Grants Pass in 2001, a family member planted a seed after she suggested that Haley get her massage license. That seed sprouted in 2011 when Haley made the decision to go back to school for Massage Therapy at Rogue Community College.

Haley has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since August, 2012. When she started her massage career, she worked part time for both a physical therapy office and a chiropractic office. She felt that this time provided invaluable experience working with other body work professionals. She started her own practice at the same time. Continuing Education has allowed Haley to keep expanding her knowledge and experience with many different injuries and ailments.

Haley customizes each treatment for each client by being a listening and caring practitioner. It is of utmost importance to her, for her clients to feel safe and cared for. Some of the modalities that she incorporates into her sessions are Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, hot and cold stones and cupping. She uses organic, high quality jojoba oil for every treatment. Essential oils are offered and a table warmer helps the mind and body ease into relaxation. Her practice focus’ on therapeutic massage – helping people to get out of pain and pursue their daily activities.

Haley believes that Massage Therapy is not only good for the body, but the mind and soul, as well. In addition to pain relief, her hope is that when people leave, they do so with a little bit lighter heart or a little pep in their step, and in turn, that this will have a trickle effect as these people interact with the community around them. Haley looks forward to working with you.